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Residential Repiping Sacramento

Owning a property is no small feat. But with great power, often comes with great responsibility that comes in form of numerous maintenance issues that you need to continually stay on top off. For example, the plumbing of the house is something that needs to be paid close attention to.

And depending on the issues your plumbing is facing; you could be left with no option than find a residential repiping specialist Sacramento. And although residential repiping may sound like a huge deal, it is not something that should leave you intimidated. This article will cover everything you need to know about repiping your home.

What You Need To Know

Repiping a home is no easy feat. It involves removing hot and cold-water supply pipes, waste drainage pipes and replacing them with newer, more efficient pipes. This is why complete residential repiping Is considered to be one of the biggest home residential renovations, a home owner might ever do. Here is a breakdown of a repiping process:

Before You Repipe:

The first step before you repipe are to get an estimate and an inspection. You can reach out to our team and we would be in touch immediately to schedule an inspection then present you with an estimate. We would also let you know the details of the repiping. If you choose to do a full repipe, your Sacramento residential repiping company might need to secure a work permit from the local government. The next step is to choose the materials your repiping would be done with. These include: copper, PEX or CPVC piping.

When You Begin the Process:

With your permits and materials secured, your team will proceed to protect your furniture, other belongings and even the work area with plastic. While the construction is going on, the water would be turned off. We have tools that will allow us to locate the exact locations of the pipes hidden behind the walls. Holes will be cut into wall for access and this will be fixed and repainted once the repiping is done so you never notice.

How Long Does It Take?

A complete repipe can take as long as a week. Smaller homes and surfaces can be repiped in a few days and larger homes with multiple bathrooms can definitely take longer. However, we should point out that during the repiping session, you would be unable to use any of your plumbing. As soon as the work is done, your plumbing will be turned back on.

Residential Repiping Service Sacramento: Why Do You Need To Repipe

Residential repiping is a huge project to take on. It is considered to be a huge investment in terms of time and money. But in most cases, repiping is usually unavoidable or happens because of a recommendation by a professional. Here are other reasons why you might need to repipe:

  • When your pipes consistently breakdown and you pay for repairs regularly – With a completely new piping system, you will be able to get rid of all lingering issues and you would be saving money because you no longer need to perform weekly repairs on your drains.
  • Your plumbing system has lead pipes – Many old pipes have lead piping and this poses as a cause for concern because lead is very harmful to the body. Any contact with lead is harmful and has long lasting effects.
  • Your home has galvanized steel pipes – Galvanized steel used to be a norm in most homes before WW II. These pipes have a problem when they reach a certain number of years and they get corroded. Once they get corroded, they build up in the pipes restricting the flow and putting sediment into the water.
  • You are looking to remodel the home – If you are considering a remodel of your home or placing a new bathroom or other plumbing fixtures, doing a full repipe would save you time and money.

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How Much Does a Residential Repiping Cost?

The cost to completely repipe your home depends on a wide variety of factors. According to professionals, most projects can go from $1500 all the way to $15,000. These costs depend on the type of your home, its size, the nature of your plumbing network and the type of existing plumbing in the property. Additional costs could also include cost of getting any building permits from the local government.

  • Copper pipes: These are currently the most expensive pipes on the market selling for about $1 – $3 per foot. Because copper is a commodity, its price can also change on a daily basis.
  • CPVC: Considerably cheaper than copper pipes, this material is preferred by some people when it comes to renovations. The pricing per foot starts at $0.40
  • PEX: Pipes made from PEX are the current rave of the market. They are new, and are very affordable even more so than CPVC. PEX pipes retail for $0.30 per foot.

Another incident that impacts the cost of a residential repiping is the removal of the older pipes before the newer ones are installed. Some homeowners opt to retain old, unused steel pipes behind the walls to save money and others choose to get them removed. Removing the older pipes will definitely attract some extra charge.

There you have it! Everything you need to know about Sacramento residential repiping. At Sacramento Repipe, we are available to repipe your residence at a moment’s notice with no hidden costs and the highest standard of professionalism. So, give us a call today!

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