• General

    • What is the problem with Kitec piping?
      Kitec piping is not reliable and has had many recalls. If your home is using Kitec piping, it's only a matter of time before a plumbing emergency occurs. Not only do they have a short lifespan of less than a decade, but they cannot withstand common water heater temperature settings. They also utilize brass fittings that contain a high amount of zinc which breaks down, causes blocks in the piping, and leads to pipe bursts. If your home is using Kitec piping, call us now to schedule a pipe replacement!
    • Will my house be a mess during the process?

      No. Our technicians are trained to keep your home clean and neat while also protecting your floors and furnishings. Plus, we fully clean our job sites after each day.

    • Why shouldn’t I call my regular plumber?

      The simple answer is that plumbers tend not to specialize in repipes. We do.

      At Repipe Specialists, our vast repiping knowledge and experience far exceeds that of a plumber or contractor. As mentioned earlier, all we do are repipes, so our repiping process is so efficient and streamlined that we can expertly repipe your home with the highest quality materials, guarantee our work for life, and will often quote you as little as half of what a plumber or contractor would charge.

      Furthermore, most plumbers and contractors either don’t patch walls after their work or charge you extra to do so. Wall patching is included in our quote and we clean our job sites so thoroughly that it looks like we were never there.

    • How long does the job take?

      Often, we are able to complete a home repipe in a single day with the city inspection and wall patching following right behind. Your water will be off during the middle of the day while we are repiping your home.

    • How do I know if I need a home repipe?

      Are you experiencing:

      • Low water pressure

      • Rust-colored water from outlets

      • Getting scalded in the shower when someone else flushes

      • Leaky pipes

      • A water bill that spikes suddenly

      • Your home plumbing is over 5 years old with recurring plumbing problems

      • You can feel heat under your floor (hot water leak)

      • You or one of your neighbors has developed a slab leak

      • Your original copper plumbing has developed pinhole leaks